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Chakra Readings & Cleansings

Working with the alignment in your Chakra system, a Chakra Reading can find blocks, hindrance or anything else that can be causing obstacles on your path which can have a severe affect on outcomes in any aspect of your life. 

Crystal Ball & Clairvoyant Reading

Using a Natural Gifted Ability to see into your Past, Present, and Future, obstacles and opportunities can be revealed to better prepare your outcome in any aspect.

Palm & Tarot Card Readings

A Palmistry reading helps better determine current events in your life. Finding opportunities to avoid current obstacles you may be facing. It helps you understand your emotions and feelings better.

A Tarot Card reading helps better determine how others view you and how certain relationships will unfold. This reading can give you better insight into the emotions and feelings of loved ones and potential lovers.

Meditation & Energy Healing

A Meditation or Search Reading is used to give a deeper insight to any problems you may be facing. This readings helps determine where the problem may be coming from, when it happened, how it has affected the outcomes of certain aspects of your life and finally a solution. Once a solution is found, you will be given a step by step plan on how to gain control over any negativity thats standing in your way.

Products Available:
Lucky Charms
Protection Charms
Attraction Charms
and much more...